Dedicated Track for High-Speed Passenger Rail Service

A dedicated track completely separates the high-speed railway from freight traffic pulled by heavy locomotives and from conventional passenger traffic with lower braking performance, thus eliminating the risk of collisions with freight or conventional passenger trains.
Dedicated tracks are completely level crossing free. With no level crossings, collisions with any road vehicles including tank lorries loaded with hazardous or flammable substances can be completely eliminated.

Automatic Train Control System

The ATC system prevents high-speed passenger train-on-train collisions and excessive speeds.
The advanced ATC system exercises complete control over the entire dedicated track and every operating train, preventing train-on-train collisions and excessive speed.
Since the ATC is designed specifically for the use on dedicated passenger tracks, without considering interoperability, its structure is quite simple in terms of hardware, software and the handling of train crew.
The ATC system of Tokaido Shinkansen in Japan has prevented train-on-train collisions and maintained safe and reliable high-speed passenger rail service for fifty years.